Unique testing methodologies, regardless of the technology used

Manage testing demands and establish models that support manual and automated testing, regardless of the technology used. Different types of tests are performed: Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Usability Testing, Safety Testing, Performance Testing and Automated Testing.

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Quality Process

Implementation of quality processes in the development and maintenance of solutions.

Patch Monitoring

Management of identified test and fix actions

Testing Scenarios

Establishment of models that support different types of tests, manual and automated.

Effort Report

More Assertive Estimates of Runtime and Budget Management

Defect Report

Identification and detailing of all corrections to be performed

Automated Tests

Automated testing for better problem understanding and solution validation

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Results-oriented agility focused on real needs

We have developed a results-oriented methodology that focuses on real customer needs, as well as an efficient and assertive way to execute projects that add results to the business.