It is the initial phase of approaching the problem. Where seeks to raise needs and opportunities;



After the initial phase of data collection all information is crossed to define the problem to be solved as focus of the generated solutions;



With the goal set it is time to propose the solutions. Collaboratively, the largest number of ideas are gathered as an alternative to the identified issues;



Here the selected ideas are put into practice to show how interactions will occur and provide validations;



In this stage a planning proposal for the project execution is defined, with estimates and strategies for the solution development;



With the concept, functionality and planning defined it is time to start development. The project is divided into cycles called Sprints. A Sprint represents a defined time within which a feature set must be developed and delivered.

Product Backlog

List of main features to be developed, prioritized according to the need of the project;


Sprint Planning

Sprint begins with the meeting to prioritize the features listed as the business needs and define the best viable solutions;


Sprint Backlog

Completing the planning, the list of the features that will be executed is defined;


Sprint Review

At the end of Sprint is presented the developed features and defined improvement actions for the next Sprint;


Product Increment

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